Twilight Years Essay

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It started on a bright sunny day – that train of thought which would determine the choices I make throughout my entire future. Little did I know, that sitting in silent reverie, waiting for my Mum to collect me from school could completely change my views and opinion of that important part of life…marriage! It was as I was sitting on the bench outside the Municipal Hall, that I happened to catch sight of an old man and lady, ambling down the street, arm−in−arm. The wind tugged gently at their coats and they huddled closer, despite the warm sun shining down on them, making their grey hair glint in the sunlight, and casting small, frail shadows on the ground behind them. They did not speak a word to each other but somehow you could tell that they didn’t need to. They were simply lost in each other’s presence, savouring their amity. As I observed this unusual and extremely rare sight, I (unknowingly) had embarked on an exploration of my innermost thoughts and feelings of marriage. As I watched this endearing couple make their way down the street, you may think that I would be overcome with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment, but I was not. I was suddenly overpowered by a feeling of anguish and distress which was so overwhelming that I was forced to tear my eyes away from the couple and sink back into my seat. A terrible feeling of foreboding crept over me as my mind began to wander – “What If I end up divorced, a single parent with no job, no home, no money…?” or even worse, “What if I never meet anyone at all…?” I began to panic. These thoughts had never occurred to me before. I had always imagined that I would find my “soul mate”, and grow old with them. I would lead the perfect “fairy−tale life” with a “happily ever after”. It was at this moment, that I realised, there is rarely ever a “happily ever after” and that things don’t always

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