Twilight Eclipse Mise En Scene Essay

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Twilight: Eclipse Mise-en-scène Analysis In order to properly analyze a scene from am movie for mise-en-scène; it is important to understand what mise-en-scène is first. “Mise-en-scène is a French term meaning "putting into a scene" and is defined as the physical things we see in a scene, including setting, props, costumes, actors, makeup, lighting, colors–anything that would be on the set before the camera is even brought in” (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011). The movie that I have chosen to analyze is Eclipse. This is the third movie in the Twilight Saga; the scene I have chosen is “You’ll always be my Bella”. During this analysis I intend on identifying who all took part in production as well as how the different elements that form the mise-en-scène help create the mood and the overall appearance of the movie (scene). When people think of a movie they automatically ask “Who are the actors?” or “Who is the director or producer?” To be honest there are hundreds of people involved in making movies and the majority of them are behind the scenes and have something to do with the production of the movie. To give credit where credit is due, the identification of the production team is a must. Without the creator the production team would not have a movie to produce. Stephanie Meyer is the author of the original book series. Melissa Rosenberg is the lady that took Stephanie’s bestselling novels and turned them into screenplays for movie production. There were several individuals involved in the production of this particular movie whose budget was in excess of 68 million dollars. The main people involved in the production however are the director, production designer, and the art director. The director is “the person with the ultimate responsibility for the overall film. The director interprets script into personal vision and decides overall "look" with the

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