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Holding back from something that you desire or crave can be in fact very difficult. When you want something so bad but have to restrain from it is not always an easy choice. Throughout the movie Twilight, Bella and Edward are tempted with things that challenge them to make a wise decision. Twilight is all about showing free will to choose to turn from darkness and make the challenging decision to put aside one's immoral instincts and desires in search of what is noble, pure and right .In the movie, Bella and Edward do stand as good examples for their audience. They show this by overcoming intemperance, moral corruption, and self-indulgence, and instead portraying temperance, chastity, and self-control. Bella and Edward are lured with intemperance. Intemperance is primarily about desires for the greatest pleasure. This being the pleasures of touch, taste, sight, or smell. Edward is part of a family of “good vampires, who feed off of animals and resist human blood. This is a difficult encounter for Edward since he craves it all the time. When he first meets Bella and smells her blood, he experiences an intermediate limitless desire for her, and his decision to maintain his chosen lifestyle is very nearly undone. Edward is so tempted by Bella that he believes he is in danger of becoming completely monstrous. He realizes what he is doing and stops himself from feeling these cravings towards her. After struggling with his conscience, Edward’s desire for Bella undergoes a shift. He no longer views her as tempting his lust for human blood and shows the virtue of temperance. As time passes by, Edward’s love for Bella starts to grow, and he does not look at her like she is a craving that he needs to have. When Bella meets Edward she becomes very much attracted to him and her relationship with him develops lust. The way she talks about his features, like his eyes,

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