Twelve Hours of Abstinence from the Use of Technology Essay

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Twelve Hours of Abstinence from the Use of the iPhone In the article, “Technophilia, neo-Luddism, eDependency and the judgement of Thamus,” Darry Coulthard and Susan Keller debate how to evaluate society’s relationship with technology and eDependency. The authors apply Socrates’ approach to society’s relationship with technology, identifying it as technophilia and further discuss the need for criticism related to the moral issues that are caused by eDependency. Also, the authors suggest that the use of technology should be taken up in the context of social ecology while rejecting both technological determinism and technological presentism. Buote, Wood, and Pratt explore how individuals with four different attachment styles (i.e., secure, preoccupied, fearful, and dismissing) associate and distinguish online and offline relationships. Their study results show that the attachment styles influence the quality of friendship and the preference and/or dependency of the use of the Internet as a medium for interpersonal communication. They find that individuals with a secure attachment style associate with the highest quality of relationships due to a positive view for both the self and others. However, individuals with a fearful attachment style exhibit more negative qualities for offline interpersonal relationships, and, thus, associate with closer interactions with online friends due to a negative view for the self and others. Petric, Petrovcic, and Vehovar examine how five different communication channels (i.e., text messages, telephone, mobile phone, face-to-face interaction, and the Internet) are utilized for various social uses such as informational-cooperative, strategic, relational, and expressive. Their research results show that traditional face-to-face communication is the most preferred channel and yields the highest level of satisfaction and achievement

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