Twelve Angry Men: Who Do You Think Is the Juror Who Changed His Vote?

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In Twelve Angry Men,twelve jurors are trying to come up with a decision to see if a teenage boy, who is accused of killing his father is guilty. During the course of coming up with a decision to see if the teenage boy is guilty, all eleven jurors, Juror Eight being excluded, vote again. As a result, ten jurors vote guilty and one juror votes not guilty. Jurors Three, Four, Nine and Ten seem confident that the boy is guilty while Juror Five seem uncertain that the kid is guilty. The actions made by Juror Five lead to the assumptions that he is the one who changed his vote to not guilty. While Jurors Four, Seven, Three, and Ten are discussing the background of the teenage boy, Juror Four makes a comment about children who come from the slums are bad, and this upsets Juror Five. In reply to the remark, Juror Five states, “I’ve lived in a slum all my life….”. This piece of information is vital to the thought that Juror Five changed his vote because he can relate to the life of the teenage boy and the hard events that he has gone through. After Juror Eight takes out a knife similar to knife kept as evidence and stabs it into the wall next to the original knife, they discuss the statement made by the boy. Juror Eight makes a peculiar statement once he sits down in his chair. He says, “And maybe he didn’t lie. Maybe the reason why he did lose the knife and maybe he did go to the movies. Maybe the reason the cashier didn’t see him was because he sneaked into the movies, and maybe he was ashamed to say so”. After his remark, Juror Eight questions every juror is they think the boy lied. Once he gets to Juror Five, Juror Five does not answer, he just looks around nervously. The statement made by Juror Eight might have swayed Juror Five’s decision on changing his vote from guilty to not guilty.These pieces of information has convinced readers that Juror Five is the one who

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