Twelve Angry Men

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Bailey Shelton Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose shows the courage and bravery of jurors faced with making life altering decisions for defendants in the legal system. The play begins with twelve jurors deciding the fate of a boy accused of murdering his father. Eleven of the twelve jurors automatically accuse the boy of being guilty while one juror stands alone defending the boy of being non-guilty. One theme that Rose expresses in the play is courage. Courage is expressed in the play by Juror 8 who stands alone in voting non-guilty while the other eleven vote guilty. Despite the fact that the deliberation room was hot and miserable, Juror 8 convinced the other eleven jurors to take time deciding the boy’s fate, by saying “I don’t want to change your mind I just want to talk for a while”. Each juror went around the table expressing how they felt about the case. Juror 8 shows courage in this example by not taking the easy way out. He fights to convince the other jurors to stay and discuss their opinions and the evidence. Even though this made the other eleven jurors angry because they were hot, miserable, and wanted to go home he stood by his opinion that the boy was not guilty. This example from Rose shows courage of one man to defend his beliefs against a large group of people with opposing beliefs. Courage is also expressed by all of the jurors when they were willing to change their votes based on the evidence of the case. Even though this process took hours they were willing to hear the evidence and make an unbiased decision when a young man’s life and freedom was at stake. The most stubborn juror ended the play by pounding his fist on the table and yelling “All Right!” This play first shows courage by showing jurors making decisions despite their own personal beliefs. It also shows courage through people changing their initial opinion based on the evidence,

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