Tweenies Essay

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The power of the Tweenie in relation to popular culture, with specific reference to the impact of Hannah Montana. A ‘Tweenie’ is a child who is not quite old enough to be a teenager, usually between the ages of 10 and 14. “Tween is an American neologism and marketing term for preteen. A blend of between and teen, "tween" in this context is generally considered to cover the age range from eight to twelve years. (The American Heritage, 2000).” This is the age of which most children start to want to be more independent. The year that they go off to secondary school and become a new person in a way that they are with a mix of new personalities. They may change some of their hobbies to fit in with new friends and make up new ones so that they can have their own way of being independent. Early teenage years are the ages in which their parents may begin to give them pocket money for chores or weekly tasks. These funds are used to spend on themselves with no thought about what they might need to save for or spend on for a living. It is usually for their own pleasure. Because of this, advertising companies usually aim their products at people at this age. Their disposable funds means that they can spend and buy things that they want to make them happy, e.g. toys, make up, activities, etc. People of this ‘tweenie’ age are most likely to be interested in the kind of things that these companies would be promoting. ‘Tweens’ have a lot of power at this age because a lot of companies want them to buy their products so if they make it so that the ‘tweens’ will enjoy their products then it is more likely that the companies are going to listen to the ‘tweenies’ and follow up on what they want, this way they are prepared to gain more sales. For example, in America, there have been a lot of films made that are mild horror and this is because the ‘tween’ market are most likely
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