TV to Print Essay

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I focused on unemployment in twenty different news articles, through several media types. The amount of news informativeness was astoundingly different based on the medium. It went from newspapers being the most informative to television being the least informative. Internet news can go both ways. I studied several television news stories from Fox News and CBS News. They both mentioned the background knowledge of the rising unemployment rate, but buried the information under sensationalism. I had the most trouble in finding the breadth information in television news. It seemed to focus mainly on the detailed, emotionally driven stories. The stories are vague and focused only on what the cameraman was able to catch on film; rather than the actual news. Because they have to be so brief, it's impossible to demonstrate both sides of the story. Even worse, the news often seems more preoccupied with entertaining and tear-jerking its audience than informing them. One article I read was just about a single family, who was living in very poor conditions. Both adults were unemployed while they had a 8 year old daughter and a 7-month old baby. This example is feeding on the fears and emotions of the audience. In an effort to keep audiences watching, their program didn't provide enlightenment on pertinent information, but to unjustified fear and to continue to receive payment by their advertisers. Television news is a business. Fox News takes sensationalism to the next level. Most of the news anchors don't report the news, they distort it to such a degree that it seemed like it was created. Creating news is a dangerous and unethical practice. Stories intentionally play on the viewers' fears, and drive them into the hands of advertisers who claim to alleviate those fears. One of the other mediums I looked at was newspapers; Seattle Times and New York Times. It
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