Tv Production Porblems Of Students Essay

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DCMM368/CD31 Ariel C. Papalid The production was tough to accomplish since there was a lot of concerns regarding scarcity of materials and availability of equipments. However through our sincerest efforts we are able to finish something close to our objectives. The plan was to research first and come up with the tag line. Ended up revising and revising everytime obviously because of dull ideas and hard sell concepts but going back to the lectures we’ve made it through. I got very surprised when we were assigned to make a video so early. I wasn't sure on what to do and what not to do. Thankfully, I had a group full of people who all had input, ideas and knowledge to share. Our first video production wasn't as organized as we hoped it would be, but in the end, we managed to finish and make an acceptable video for our first assignment. We had a lot of bumps along the way, but we pulled it off. My group and I managed to be very resourceful despite of the lack of time management. So, even if we lacked a few props and source materials, we managed to make it work by finding different ways and solutions. We learned a lot from our first experience in filming a video for DCMM368. I'm sure and I hope that we can use what we learned in our future shoots. I can relate this to my own work practices; I have worked for Audio visual media documentaries for around two years now and there is definitely a mastery at least a little ', the better way of doing things and when new projects have joined it has taken effort, time and understanding from both sides as values and beliefs have inevitably been different. However, was there this underlying foundation of trust in the group. For all intents and purposes was to create a campaign on cleaning the river, as appeared to have common goals and understanding and it was impressed on us (in my opinion) that they

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