Tv and Children Essay

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The Effects of Television with Children Early experiences are a big part in a child’s life because that is when the children learn the most in their lives and also become more aware of their surroundings. From the age of a newborn the weight of the brain is 333grams compared to a two year old which their brain is 999grams. Every ones brain grows and learns new things until the age of twenty. The part of the brain that helps it grow and learn more is called the synapses. A three year olds brain has about 15,000 synapses unlike a newborn child whom only has 2,500 synapses. People have let their children watch television, use electronics and play games at an early age for over fifty years. When children start to watch television at a young age their brains don’t develop as fast as children who are more active and play outdoors and with toys. Some parents think that letting their children watch television programs will help them learn better, but it may help a little but not as much as the child having one on one time with the parent or caregiver, or even getting down on the floor and participating in different activities such as painting, coloring, reading books. Since 1970 the average three year old watches four hours or more each day of television due to the fact that one in six children of the ages of two to three have televisions in their bedrooms. Today children from the age of four months watch the same amount if not more than children did back in the 70’s. They also watch more television if the child lives in a home with a single parent, foster care, or abused families. American adults usually spend thirty to forty-five hours a week using electronics. All electronics such as the television, computer, games, and tablets influence the behaviors of each child which can lead to misbehaviors and also obesity. Also the more television children watch by the age

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