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Tv Advetisn And Consumerbuyingbehavior Essay

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Background of Study 1.0
The marketing mix is one of the best known of all marketing models. It is often called the four (4) Ps, consisting of the Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

Among the element of the marketing mix, Promotion is the activity undertaken by the organization to introduce a product or service to the target market, to build customer perception about the product or service being offered. Promotion represents all of the communication that a marketer may use in the market. Promotion has four distinct elements, they are advertising, public relation, personal selling and sales promotion.

Advertising has gain major popularity and usage than the other promotional mix element. In 2010 for instance, spending on advertising was estimated at more than $300 million in the United States and 500 billion worldwide. However, according to Kotler (2003), advertising is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of idea, good or service by an identified sponsor. It takes the form of television advertisement, radio, internet, magazine and mobile phone advertisement.

The use of the television (T.V) for advertisement has been on the rise across the world. With millions of faithful viewers scattered across every continent, the medium of television is considered by many marketing experts to be the ultimate platform for targeted marketing.

Television advertisement is a span of television programming produced and paid for by an organization that conveys a message, typically, one intended to market a product. It is also known as television commercial, often just commercial, advert, ad or ad-film. The impact of television is vital because of its enormous potential as an audio-visual communicator. Most television advertising is either 30 or 60 second in duration, long enough to give the viewers important information or create a specific opinion of the product or service but not long enough to lose the viewers attention. Television adverts are...

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