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TUTORIAL 2 : a) Fundamentals of Accounting information systems b) Fundamentals of business processes A. Fundamentals of Accounting information systems Gavin Finlay is preparing the income tax return of a client who has earned more income than expected. On 2 July, the client pays for advertising and asks Finlay to backdate the expense to the preceding financial year, which ends on 30 June. Backdating the deduction would lower the client’s immediate tax payments. After all, there is a difference of only two days between 2 July and 30 June. This client is important to Finlay. What should he do? Use the stakeholder analysis framework described in this chapter to analyse the ethical dilemma you identify and arrive at an ethical decision. Ethical issue – note: students’ responses may vary | Question to ask | Decision | 1. What is the ethical issue? | | 2. What are the principle elements in this situation? | | a. What parties (stakeholders) may be harmed? | | b. Whose rights or claims may be violated? | | c. Which specific interests are in conflict? | | d. What are your responsibilities and obligations? | | 3. What are your options and what are the consequences? | | 4. What shall I do? | | D1.4 How do an organisation’s business processes and lines of business affect the design of its AIS? Give several examples of how differences among organisations are reflected in their AIS. D1.6 Figure 1.9 shows that developments in IT affect both an organisation’s strategy and the design of its AIS. How can a company determine whether it is spending too much, too little, or just enough on IT? P1.2 The annual report is considered by some to be the single most important printed document that companies produce. In recent years, annual reports have become large documents. They now include such sections as letters to the

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