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Turner Syndrome Essay

  • Submitted by: bedheadred4
  • on December 3, 2013
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Turner   Syndrome

                              By: Jessica Kearns
                                    Dec. 3, 2013

What   is   Turner   syndrome,   you   might   ask?   Well,   Turner   syndrome(TS)   is   a   random   chromosomal   disorder   that   affects   girls   and   women   with   common   features   that   are   caused   by complete   or   partial   absence   of   the   second   sex   chromosome.   But   we’ll   get   into   the   dynamics   of   that   after   I   explain   why   this   topic   is   so   important   to   me. You   see,   my   daughter   was diagnosed   with   TS   right   at   birth.   One   look   and   the   doctor   knew.

My   daughter,   Alexis,   was   born   7   weeks   early,   disconnected   from   the   placenta.   The   doctor   immediately   put   her   into   an incubator   and   told   me   that   the   baby   had   TS   just   by   seeing   that   she   had   extra   skin   on   the   neck(webbed neck),   puffiness   or   swelling(lymphedema)   of   the   hands   and   feet,   and   a   low   hair   line.   They   ran   a   karyotype;   a   blood   test   used   to   analyze   the   chromosomal   composition   of   a   female.   When   the   tests   proved   positive,   I   researched   all   I   could   on   the   subject.   Since   I’m   finding   new   things   everyday,   here   is   what   I   found   out   so   far.

TS   was   named   after   Dr.   Henry   Turner.   Who   studied   seven   young   girls   in   his   office   that   were   suffering   from dwarfism   and   lack   of   sexual   growth   or   development.   He   found   that   after   counting   the   chromosomes   in   the   white   blood   cells(WBC),   that   about   half   the   girls   had   only   45/X   instead   of   the   normal   46/XX.   A   third   had   two   X   chromosomes   but   part   of   one   X   was   missing.

A   girl   can   be   diagnosed   throughout   her   lifespan,   including   adulthood(if   signs   are   subtle).   Some   of   the   signs   Alexis   had   at   birth   include:   lymphedema(swelled   hands/feet)   in   a   newborns,   specific   heart...

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