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Turkeys I chose the turkey. The turkey is a bird. It has long powerful legs. This bird has a bare head and neck. It has a short down curved bill. They have a bunch of feathers. The turkey is a very big bird but still can fly up to 55 miles per hour. Male turkeys are called Toms or Gobblers. Female turkeys are called hens. The turkey belongs to the animal kingdom since it does not make its own food and can move. They are chordates because they have a backbone (vertebrate). The class of the turkey is Aves. The order is Galliformes. The turkey family is the Phasianidae. The genus of the turkey is Meleagris. Species of the turkey is Gallopavo. Turkeys are usually dark birds. They have a large fan shaped tail. They have long necks that are usually featherless. There wings are usually short and round. Most wings have black with brown stripes. The Toms have dark collective feathers. Turkeys have a wattle. That is the skin that hangs from the chin. They also have a caruncle. That is the wart that is on it forehead. The legs are silver gray color. Turkeys have very powerful legs since they can run up to 25 miles per hour. Tom turkeys have breast tuft. Tom turkeys are usually bigger than female turkeys. The habitat of turkeys is in many spots. You can usually drive out in the country and see many turkeys. There sometime found right in the middle of the road. Turkeys also can be found in hard wood forest usually located next to some fields. Turkeys are omnivorous. They eat acorns, nuts, seeds, buds, leaves, and fern fronds. They will also eat some insects. They even eat salamanders. They will usually get there food from the ground but sometimes they have to go in the trees to get there food. They like the corn field because they can usually find corn out there. The turkey does not have a long life. According to “animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu” they say turkey

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