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Turkey Destination Essay

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  • on April 25, 2014
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  * Turkey is a popular destination among tourist.
  * Turkey has beautiful scenery, delicious food and many historical places

Beautiful scenery.
  * Natural attractions located in southwestern Turkey.
  * Pamukkale spring waters.

Delicious food
  * Turkey food is a fusion from many places.

Many historical places
  * Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, Topkapi Palace

  * Turkey is full of surprise.


Turkey is currently the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world. Attracting more than 30 million tourists each year, and the number continues to rise every year. Reason why Turkey becomes popular destination is because of their unique scenery, mouth-watering cuisine, as well as rich in history. Turkish has beautiful scenery especially on natural site. Pamukkale is one of Turkey’s top natural attractions site located in southwestern Turkey. It is white cotton-like terraces that are mineral deposits which come from Cal Mountain’s rich spring waters and volcanic springs. Another thing that makes Turkey as a popular tourist destination is their cuisine. Turkish cuisine is a fusion of Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan. The combination of variety ingredient comes across many places makes their food become unique. For example, the uses of spices from Central Asia, fish from Balkan and herbs from Mediterranean. Plus, many interesting places in Turkey especially historical places that attract tourist to come over. For example, Hagia Sophia a sixth century church turned mosque, Galata Tower is a medieval turreted tower first built by the Genoese in 1348 and Topkapi Palace build in fifteenth century as a residence of the Ottoman Sultans. Turkey is full of element of surprise and this is why Turkey is a popular destination.

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