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Turkey is a country that has a wide range of people that come from many different backgrounds. Turkey is bordered by Bulgaria to the northwest, Greece to the west, Georgia to the northeast, Armenia to the east, and Iran, Iraq and Syria to the southeast. Also, Turkey has an extensive history and was a part of the Ottoman empire. Because of Turkey’s geographic location and it’s rich history it has numerous amounts of ethnicities and cultures. This is especially evident when looking at the minorities in Turkey. Turkey is made up of about seventy to seventy-five percent Turks and about eighteen percent Kurds (Central Intelligence Agency). The rest of the population’s minorities are made up of people from a multitude of places but they include Greeks, Armenians, Arabs, and many others. There are also currently 847, 266 Syrian refugees seeking protection in Turkey (UN Refugee Agency). Two of the most popular ways of identifying which ethnicity someone is from are assuming from their appearance and from their language. An identifier for many people to figure out if someone is Kurdish is to see if they have darker skin or speak Kurdish or Turkish with a sort of glottal accent. This type of profiling of people is something that is universal and has always been done throughout history. This profiling leads to a great deal of discrimination and racism. This is a major problem for the Kurdish community. Many of the Turkish people look down upon the Kurdish which causes them great struggles. The Kurdish people have always been repressed in Turkey. The first Kurdish language program to be shown on TV was in 2004 and the language Kurdish was banned from being offered in schools until 2012. Kurdish still currently is not allowed to be used in parliament. These injustices have lead to the appearance of insurgent groups, one of the biggest being the Kurdistan

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