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According to (Shields pg.11) Turkey is surrounded by water on three sides “the Black Sea to the North, the Mediterranean Sea to the South and the Aegean Sea to the West. As Shields also states on pg. 12 most of “Turkey’s land boarders are to the east. Turkey boarders Syria, Iraq, Azernaijn, Armenia, and Georgia. “Turkey is one of the most active earthquake zones in the world (Shields pg.12)” temperate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters is the expected climate of Turkey. Ankara the Capital is one of the largest cities. Some of Turkeys stereotypes include”Turkey is a strict Muslim country.” Well, it’s certainly true that the majority of the country claim to be Muslim by religion, but the country as a whole, is not. Turkey is actually a democratic republic publican parliamentary democracy. Turks are very proud of their history, particularly that of Ataturk. Ataturk is the founder of the Republic of Turkey; he reformed and modernized the country (Shield Turkey is a secular state, meaning its government does not (or should not.) favor Islam over any other religion, and religion should have no effect on public life, politics or law. Another Stereotype is that women walk around in Burkas, covered from head to toe, only showing their eyes. Wrong. It’s very rare to see women wearing Burkas in Turkey, it is discouraged. A lot of women do wear headscarves, although this is changing too. In fact, those women working in government buildings are not permitted to cover their head while working. Turkish people are uneducated is another stereotype. School education is compulsory for 6-18 year olds. With that being said another stereotype is that Turkish men are allowed x amount of wives. Polygamy is illegal and can be punished with a prison sentence. Another stereotype is that the water is dirty. In most areas the water is perfectly safe to drink, especially those where

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