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Cultural Awareness in Turkey The present Constitution which was adopted in November of 1982 has been amended four times the last being in 2007. The government is a Republic parliamentary system where the president is elected by direct popular election. Legislative power is exercised by the Turkish Grand National Assembly Also Known as the (TGNA). The TGNA is made up of 550 deputies that serve minimum five-year terms they are responsible for electing the President to a single seven-year term. The executive branch is made up of the president Abdullah GUL referred to as the Chief of State sometimes. The Prime Minister is Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish Armed Forces or the (TAF) are the military forces of the Republic of Turkey. The TAF is comprised of an Army, Navy, and Air Force. It has an active manpower around 612,900 personnel, and combined troop strength of around 1.4 million. Techie currently has roughly 37,000 troops stationed in northern Cyprus. The Turkish Navy has around 48,600 active personnel comprised of several command of attachments and to special operations forces. The Turkish Air Force operates one of the largest combat fleets in NATO and has around 60,000 active personnel. Home of Sabiha Gokcen the first female fire pilot in military history. Turkey also has a Turkish Gendarmerie which acts as both police and military and is responsible for maintaining law and order and rule areas that do not have jurisdiction or regular police forces. The Gendermerie is made up of 250,000 active personnel. Total land weapons are just below 70,000. Some of which include 4,200 tanks, 1,800 total artillery pieces, 560 MLRS (or multi-launch rocket systems), and roughly 25,000 logistical vehicles. Airpower consists of a total of 2,000 aircraft, half of which are helicopters with 99 serviceable airports. Naval power consists of a total of 265 ships. Turkey's Armed

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