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Turd Essay

  • Submitted by: yankees12
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Chris Barry           11/29/13

Imagine a classroom where students have the power of a teacher, and have the freedom to express their opinions and ideas about how they will learn future material. Seems as if it is almost the perfect classroom for a student. On the other hand, many believe that there is a huge controversy with this idea because students would begin to fray away from the topic and eventually nothing would get done. Schools require a student to have a certain amount of credits for each subject and without these, they are deemed ineligible to graduate. Schools do not give children enough freedom, and although too much freedom can result in complete chaos, they are robbing kids of what they love. With school goals of helping students achieve success and becoming better citizens, but with the use of mandatory classes many people feel that there is tension because schools are stripping children of their individuality and this can ultimately decimate society.
Some students in my school wish to take engineering like me because they have an interest in pursuing that field. I was placed into it but many of my fellow classmates were not. Public schooling apparently attempts to help a student gain personal fulfillment. If a student is not interested in learning about the development of ancient empires or trading of commodities why are they forced to? If a student has a passion for engineering and loves buildings and bridges, they should be able to go for it and achieve “personal fulfillment”. This is a huge controversy that is developing and how schools are forcing children to conform and not be able to establish their individuality.
John Taylor argues that schools are not actually necessary to educate a child. He explains that some of America’s most influential people such as George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin never attended these mandatory classes that people attend today. “We have been taught (that is, schooled) in this country to think...

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