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Few rap stars filled their music or their lives with as much violence as Tupac Shakur, proclaimed Time in its obituary for the performer, adding, his murder forced a culture that glamorized hate to consider the consequences. While Shakurs 16 death by multiple gunshot wounds certainly inspired reflection in the rap world and beyond, Times reduction of his life and work to violent content was not the only point of view. Other observers saw Shakur as a much more complex figure, one who struggled with issues of violence, political power and personal commitment in his music and approached greatness in his film work. He glowed, journalist dream hampton declared in a Request magazine roundtable following Shakurs death. He was a star, and thats such a rare thing. Shakurs notoriety among mainstream audiences had much to do with his outlaw image, which was derived in large part from his frequent and high-profile scrapes with the law. Given his upbringing, however, this was perhaps to be expected. He was in prison, he often reminded interviewers, before he was born. His mother, Afeni Shakur, was a member of the militant Black Panther movement; in 16 she and 0 others in the organization were arrested in connection with an alleged conspiracy to blow up several buildings in New York City. By 171 she was…show more content…
went gold in a matter of months, thanks in part to the hit track I Get Around. Ironically, given later developments, one of the albums other hit singles was the upbeat Keep Ya Head Up, a paean to the strength and survival of black women. Meanwhile, his other rap sheet--listing his run-ins with the law--continued to pile up he was arrested after allegedly beating a limo driver, served ten days in jail after attacking another rapper with a baseball bat, and was busted for allegedly shooting two off-duty police officers shortly after relocating to Atlanta. He was acquitted of the latter

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