Tupac And Hip Hop

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Major Writing Assignment: Tupac and Hip-hop Every musical generation has had its pioneers that have left an impact on the genre and all its constituents. For hip-hop, there have been a couple of pioneers, but one that will never be forgotten is Tupac. Tupac’s ideologies and the way he incorporated these ideologies into his music became the voice of, not only the black or poor community, but also to those who had goals of changing the world. His music stood out from the rest because of its controversial subjects, Tupac’s straight-forward attitude, and the realness of his rhymes. Tupac addressed the street’s problems in his rhymes and was a voice for the ghetto. Since the time of Tupac Shakur, hip-hop has lost its sense of story-telling and has become more about material possessions. Many hip-hop artists forget about their struggles and what it took to get to the top, but Tupac held true to his ideology of being a real “nigga,” and that’s what makes him the rose that grew from concrete. “Of course I’m going to say “I’m a thug,” that’s because I came from the gutter and I’m still here.” Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on June 16, 1971 in Harlem, New York. Tupac’s mother, Afeni, was a Black Panther activist, who had had trouble with the law on several occasions. Despite her Panther activity, Afeni kept Tupac and his younger sister exposed to many cultures, especially the music and dances of these many cultures. At a young age, Tupac showed an interest in live performances. On holidays like Kwanzaa, Tupac would write, direct, and stage variety shows, plays, and action-adventure “missions” that involved all the kids in his building or neighborhood. Tupac was also a born-leader, as he would always protect his family members on the playground, even against bigger kids. Tupac’s mother even encouraged Tupac to read advanced literature, such as the New York Times as a punishment,

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