Tunnel - Character Sketch

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Sarah Ellis’ “Tunnel”, introduces Ken a teenage babysitter, who faces his childhood fear in order to help a child. Ken is an ambitious teenager, who babysits a little girl named Elizabeth. Ken at first feels as though he and Elizabeth don’t connect because they both don’t understand each others idea of fun. Ken asks “Ib, would you like to go on exploration mission?” Even though, Ken doesn’t quite understand everything about Elizabeth, he feels compelled to try and do things so that he can understand Elizabeth better. “Well, sir, [he] spent one summer playing with Barbie dolls and practicing making [his] body into a K”. This shows that the main character is very sarcastic and a little bit arrogant, for he feels that he is too mature for his job. As Ken and Elizabeth continue on with their walk, they come to a tunnel. It was the same tunnel where Ken use to play as a kid, the same tunnel that gave him claustrophobia because of his frightening repressed memories. Elizabeth went into the tunnel and is suppose to meet Ken on the other side but when Ken goes to the other side and Elizabeth is not there, he starts to worry. Ken needed to go through the tunnel to see if Elizabeth fell or got hurt but his childhood fear and phobia kept getting in the way. Ken finally comes to the realization that he has to face his fear. He decides to overcome being cowardly and crawls through the tunnel in order to find Elizabeth. Ken finally faces his fear because he then realizes that his life is not the only one to be
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