Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report

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The following report has been drafted to further explore expanding employee benefits within the organization. With a very profitable year and our looking at adding tuition reimbursement as an employee benefit for the employees that are currently working towards their bachelor’s degree in the area of business or in the communication field, by adding this benefit for the employees not only will be a positive move for them but will also be a benefit for the company. The organization is in the prefect position to proceed with this education reimbursement employee benefit due to the fact that the company has already approved a budget inclusive of this additional program for employees. Expanding the employee benefits that would include tuition reimbursement will increaser the level of professional opportunities( improvement in the self-esteem), and increase the career options, and improve earning potential, increase employee retention, all having a very positive benefit on the organization. National statics show during the last decade, more companies are offering a tuition reimbursement benefit and are spending more money helping employees get the degrees in the field in which they work in. Universities and community colleges also have started offering more flexible classroom hours for the working students and even some offer degrees through online courses (Schultz, 2007). The opportunity to obtain a degree will improve the quality of the life for our employees. This investment in them will allow them to be the best employees for our organization and as individuals for the society and for the members of their families. Being able to further their education will not benefit the company in which the work for also would be a boost to the employee self-esteem. The benefit to the organization will be seen in the productivity and hardworking workforce. The

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