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XCOMM285 WK7 Tuition Reimbursement April 14, 2014 Administration The company had a very profitable year, this is due to the employee’s hard work proving that a company is only good as its employees. As we continue to have profitable year we as a company need to keep our employee and help educate them so they can continue to grow the company. At times it can be a struggle to retain and hire employees due their knowledge or lack of what the company has to offer. By adding tuition reimbursement to the employees benefit package, (so they can achieve a bachelor’s degree in business and communication) this will help ensure the company’s profitability and growth for years to come. Offering tuition reimbursement will also help retain and attract quality employees. A company benefit package with tuition reimbursement will build employee confidence, increase job opportunities, improve earning potential, and increase employee retention. Adding tuition reimbursement to the benefit package will also have a positive effect on the company and its growth. A survey for the Benefits USA 2010/2011 results showed that 84.7 percent of companies offer tuition reimbursement to their employees. Schools are offering distance learning with flexible classes for most degrees (Kansas City, KS (PRWEB) December 9, 2010). This makes learning more available, working around every ones schedule. We as a company spend money hiring and training with a chance that after 90 days the new hiring is not what we thought they we. Hiring within the company makes a positive statement. Offering tuition reimbursement is also a making statement “the company cares for its employees”. The opportunity to attend a high education can improve ones quality of life. The education will build confidence, employees will have the feeling of being need and willing to take the responsibility of doing what it that to

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