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Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report Alleshia Perry XCOM/285 April 28, 2013 Douglas Roubidoux Our company has had a very profitable year and is looking to expand our employee benefits. As an employee in the benefits department, I have prepared this report of providing tuition reimbursement implementation to qualified employees for the bachelor’s degrees in business and communication. This report will discuss the effect and benefits of a tuition reimbursement implementation will have on both our company and our employees. Tuition reimbursement programs typically consist of 3 components: a maximum reimbursement amount, eligibility requirement, and a reimbursement policy based on academic performance (Education Portal, 2013). Our company can therefore determine, for example, that an employee is eligible for tuition reimbursement after six months of employment for a maximum amount of “x” amount of dollars. Incentive to strive toward the maximum amount reimbursed is to state a percentage of reimbursement for the grades received. For example, a letter grade of an “A” may receive a full reimbursement, while a letter grade of a “C” may only receive a 70% reimbursement. Tuition reimbursement will be desirable amongst our employees, both future and current. Tuition reimbursement may persuade qualified applicants during the hiring process to choose employment with our company. Most good employees are looking at continuing their education and improving their skills, and are more apt to chose to work for a company that will help make those goals a reality (, 2009). Tuition reimbursement allows our current employees to further their education and gain new skills that they may not be currently using, that may not have been affordable otherwise. An educated workforce, whose skills are up-to-date, is essential for most

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