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uition Reimbusement Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report Traci Focarino XCOM/285 University of Phoenix April 7, 2013 Knowledge is power and the key to advancement in the future. With the state that the global economy is in, individuals are realizing that they need to earn a degree in higher education. While many find it difficult to continue education after high school, whether it be because of family issues, funding, desires not to, etc.…online schooling has given these individuals and others the opportunity to take courses online versus having to attend classes on site at a college campus. Individuals can still work full-time while advancing their education, which will then give them better opportunities within any organization. Working in the healthcare field for over six years now, I see that the demand for healthcare administration professionals rise each year. Because of how profitable our organization has been over the past year, it is in our best interest to apply this money to help our employees advance their education by providing tuition reimbursement as long as our company employs them. Why tuition reimbursements plan? A tuition reimbursement plan can only increase the awareness and understanding of our organization to our employees who choose to advance their education. By taking business and communications focused courses it can only help our employees to see what opportunities they can gain by advancing their education. Some employees come for a job at our organization not realizing that they can make a career our their job or

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