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Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report Qasim Amin XCOM/285 November 11, 2012 Allyson Wells The following report will explain why tuition reimbursement will help us explore why we should expanding employee benefits within this company. A tuition reimbursement plan can help expand the knowledge of the company to our employees who decide to further their education. Taking business based classes can help employees see what opportunities their future can have. A few employees who were just seeking a job might consider going to school and turn the job into a career with the company. Taking classes that are based on business etiquette, management and leadership skills, and how to use communication in a business setting will help employees to be a strong leader. Not only can going to school can help employees become strong managers, there is also a great chance of earning a larger income and being promoted within the company. The employees who choose to use tuition reimbursement and stay with the company after receiving their degree is like the company investing on its own future Tuition reimbursement programs provide financial assistance for direct costs of education and are a type of general skills training program commonly offered by employers in the United States. Standard human capital theory argues that investment in firm-specific skills reduces turnover, while investment in general skills training could result in increased turnover. However, firms cite increased retention as a motivation for offering tuition reimbursement programs. This rationale for offering these programs challenges the predictions of the standard human capital model. A case study of a non-profit institution and the Survey of Employer-Provided Training, 1995 (SEPT95), which consists of training data collected from a cross section of establishments. From the case

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