Tuition Reimbursement Essay

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Date: 9/9/2012 To: Emmett Rodriguez, CEO of Expressions of Hue Cc: Audra Rodriguez, Human Resources Manager From: Amanda Maybery, Payroll Specialist and Project Manager RE: Tuition Reimbursement Request for Business Communications Course Having the knowledge and training to get a job done is essential for an employee to thrive and flourish in the workplace. It is for this reason that I am interested pursuing higher education in the field of Management. I would like to request tuition reimbursement for a course offered by Kaplan University called Business Communications. I believe that Expressions of Hue and its employees would greatly benefit from this particular course. This course directly correlates with my current position as a Payroll Specialist and Project Manager. As a Payroll Specialist and Project Manager (PSPM) for Expressions of Hue, I am responsible for communicating effectively with customers, co-workers and independent business owners during the bidding process through e-mail, letters, and memos on a daily basis. This memo represents the results of my research and findings as to why tuition reimbursement would be cost effective and efficient for the company. What Are the Advantages? Tuition reimbursement offers several important advantages: • The skills learned and practice during the course will increase the level of productivity at work. • By further expanding my education and obtaining an advanced degree our company’s professional image will stand out among the competition when working with existing and potential clients. • This will also increase the company’s ability to recruit and retain great employees. The greatest advantage to Expressions of Hue is the increased ability to recruit and retain great employees. By furthering our education, employees will obtain the skills
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