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Running head: TUITION REIMBURSEMENT BENEFITS THE EMPLOYEE AND THE Tuition Reimbursement Benefits the Employee and the Employer Ramon D. Rodriguez Torres University of Phoenix Introduction to Effective Written Communication COMM 105 Aiko Brum November 30, 2009 Tuition Reimbursement Benefits the Employee and the Employer Student loans are still in the process of being paid and more classes are needed to take on the demands of newer issues. Tuition reimbursement will be discussed as an option to help with the costs of higher education and the improvement of the employee’s skills. According to the standards set by this company, an outstanding employee is able to think and act independently, shows initiative, takes reasonable risks and takes responsibility for their actions, is professional and takes pride in the quality of their work. What happens after the employee is consistent in all of these areas and new technology is developed? Earning a degree related to your job or going back to school to learn more skills, is the way to keep up with the changing times. Who’s going to pay for the tuition? Propose a tuition reimbursement program to your employer by describing the nature of the program, explain why this program is important and how it will improve effectiveness, describe how the program relates to your job, and state how you intend to share your new skill or knowledge with your workplace. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Software Engineering (BSIT/SE) program specializes in software engineering and the principles of software application development. There are 19 courses to be taken over a two year period. Each course costs $600, which comes out to $11,400 for the entire program, not including books. Titles for some of the courses include skills for professional development, programming concepts,

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