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Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report Shauna Crowson Jodeane Newcomb Brownlee XCOM/285 October 30, 2010 As we all know, we have had a very profitable year and I believe that this is the perfect time to discuss employee benefits. College tuition reimbursement is a great way for our employees to achieve personal development and a great way to show our employees that we do care about their career goals. The purpose of this report is to reflect the new professional opportunities that an employee with a degree could have, the types of careers people with a degree often have, earning potential of people who have a degree, and the benefits the company will have from offering tuition reimbursement to their employees. Tuition reimbursement will give our employees a chance to increase their knowledge and broaden their skills. Employees that wish to improve their education obviously have the take-charge attitude to improve their career outlook. If our employees want to further their education and we prevent them from doing so, they are more than likely going to leave out of spite. It is proven that employees who receive tuition reimbursement are more likely to stay with the company that they are currently employed with because they appreciate the opportunity to improve. If we pay for our employees to go back to school and they graduate, then we should show our appreciation to them by giving them the chance to grow with the company by promoting new positions or higher pay. This is my opinion on how to keep our employees satisfied and content. Some careers that our employees can have with a degree range from business management, accounting, economics, and business law. Our employees can do a range of careers with a bachelor’s in business and communication. Some positions that come along with this type of degree are: bookkeeping clerks who maintain financial

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