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Tuition Hike Essay

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The State of New York is in an economic deficit and is thinking of doubling the SUNY and CUNY College University tuition. I disagree with this decision. I personally think they shouldn’t double the tuition. By doubling tuition the state of New York is actually losing money.   I believe the state can save money by not giving out any grants or loans to families who can afford to pay out of pocket. I am addressing the Legislatures.
The State of New York shouldn’t double the tuition because that’s a heavy economic burden on NY residents. Prices have already gone up on the MTA fares, bridges and tolls, milk, gas, eggs, everyday items, clothes, etc. With prices constantly being raised it lessens the disposable income of all families detrimentally hurting low income families. Education is the gateway to success, without a degree you’ll end up at a low income job doing something you rather not do but have to, to support your family. People attend college to pursue their dreams and expand their horizons. With these economic boundaries being put around people’s dreams it lessens the possibility of completion. Current tuition is about $ 20-30,000, doubled tuition will be approximately $25-40,000; the cost to attend a private University. Students struggle to make ends meet and for legislatures to just go and take more money from us, doubling it is even absurd. How greedy can you get? The amount of people in job market fields will tremendously lower because of lack of affording a higher degree or technical degree at all. Case and point, I was an Aviation Pilot concentration, but they told me I need an extra $15-20,000 in flight fees. When I asked for a loan I was denied because of poor credit of a single mom taking care of three kids, herself, a home, and a car. Taxes are raised, prices are raised, tuition is raised, and the cost of living is raised, unemployment is high, amount of available jobs are...

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