Tuition Hike Essay

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Good Afternoon dear professors and fellow concerned students. Today we are gathered here with one major concern, Tuition and Other Fees Increase, better known to us as TOFI. And in line with this, is a story i wanted to share with you. It was the third day of classes in the hundredth year of UP when a freshman from Cotabato, a Chemistry major, had to drop out. Together with his father, the brokenhearted young man went to see his professors to drop all his subjects. While this is being procesed, I could see the anger and hopelessness of the father. His son was a member of a minority group in Mindanao. He didn't have connections yet he qualified as a freshman in the College of Science of UP Diliman, something he earned through pure intelligence and hard work despite of their poverty. As we all know, to continue providing quality education, UP has restructured its Social Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP). The new system categorizes students under five brackets, A to E. Let me break it down for you. Students who do not need finanacial assistance are classified into Bracket A & B. To you students, they are the "rich-kids" of the campus. Students in Bracket C are given 40% discount and students in Bracket D are given 70% discount. Students in Bracket E? Well, they enjoy free tuition and other miscellaneous fees. But this is exactly why this young man had to drop out. He was forcedly placed into Bracket C, when his father can only afford until Bracket D. Perhaps before you beacame students here, you have already heard how high the the standards of UP is. You have maybe even heard how poor people beacme respectable men through this university. And of all those stories, the one that amazed you the most, is how students get to study and graduate here for free. Am I right? But time has taken its course. Today, guess what, thare are
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