Tugig Essay

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I have a few close friends, but my bestest of all the best has to be, Kien. We are completely opposite but exactly the same, all at the same time. We met about 10 years ago, when we’ve just started enter level 6th in a secondary schools. We’ve had some really amazing times over the last 2 years. Camp outs, drunken rants, cider drinking in Jess’s garden, star gazing, staring at the moon and snow days. Although one of my favourite memories, was me and jess sitting in the bandstand with trifle in the dark and it began to snow. It was very beautiful and very cold. Also the ‘monging’ sessions we’ve had a Jess’s house, with her mum’s hot chocolate and cupcakes. Always a gooden. Her family are so lovely as well, if I ever needed to run somewhere, I’d run to them. She underestimates herself far too much. She is an amazing human being. She’s been let down by twat faced annoying people who never deserved her to even care about them. I know that whatever she chooses to do with her life, she will go far. She has so many aspirations and this love of life and the outdoors and extreme sports, she should be considered an inspiration herself. There is so much more I could say about my best friend, but it would take up all of my blog. But just to say Jess, you are a wonderful human being and I love you lots even if you are a tree hugging hippy. So yeah basically, that’s my best

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