Tug of War Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Tug of War: Whose Platform Benefits Us More Tug of War: Whose Platform Benefits Us More Samia Fields Social Gerontology Dr. Trevino-Richard Abstract For years political parties make continuous attempts to win over the votes of American citizens by making their platforms appeal to what they assume the people want. Every four years certain issues always seem to stick around. The main issues that keep popping up are taxes, jobs, education and healthcare. Healthcare is the most important issue pertaining to the subject of Gerontology primarily because of Medicare. With this being an election year the Democratic and the Republican Party must present their platform on healthcare plans for the elderly…. Tug of War: Whose Platform Benefits Us More The year 2012 happens to be an election and people want to see change by electing to vote, Mitt Romney, the republican party back in to office or they want thing to stay the same and progress by electing to keep Barrack Obama, the democratic party, in office. These two presidential candidates need to win over the senior citizen vote by presenting their plan concerning Medicare and the benefits that come along with it. Both parties’ plans will be compared then analyzed to see whose plans would best suit the senior citizen community. The Democratic Party The Democratic Party is the political party that is for the people. “The democrats believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules (Our Party, 2012).” President implemented his health care reform,the Affordable Care Act,which made health insurance avaible to everybody and made some changes to Medicare. Affordable Care Act and Medicare In 2010 President Obama proposed a new plan for health care for
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