Tuesdays With Morrie Chapter Summary

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The curriculum- Mitch explains of the weekly meeting every Tuesday with morrie. On each Tuesday they talk about different subjects on the meaning of life. He explains how the class isn’t like other classes such as no grades are given and no books are needed. He then talks about how his college class with morrie was and his graduation. He promises to keep in touch with morrie, but does not, and eventually forgets about him. The syllabus- morrie was given his death sentence in the summer of 1994. Mitch talks about how much morrie loved to dance and the things he would do in his spare time. He talks about the things he had given up on while undergoing ALS. Morrie’s doctor guessed he had about two years left to live but morrie knew it was less. Morrie then conducts a living funeral that way he could here all the wonderful things people would say about him unlike actual funerals. The student- Mitch explains how he lost touch with morrie and abandoned his dreams. He gets masters in journalism and, He drowns himself in work after the death of his beloved uncle, and the many failed attempts of becoming a famous pianist. He then meets Janine and marries her after 7 years of being together. He then sees a report on TV of morrie and his illness. The audiovisual- morrie was interviewed by ted Koppel for the nightline show. Morrie was now confined to a wheelchair and couldn’t do things he was able to do before the illness. Mitch then remembers things back from his college days. The orientation- Mitch decides to visit morrie. Their first reunion in sixteen years. Mitch learns that morrie has health care workers and more about his disease. Mitch flashes back to his freshmen year and shares his memories of his first time meeting morrie. The classroom-Morrie's appearance on "Nightline" has made him somewhat of a celebrity, and many people call and ask to come visit. Mitch
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