Tuesday Mornings Essay

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Tye Tenney Per 5 5-13-2013 Tuesday Mornings Tuesday mornings always meant one of two things, the smell of crisp fresh bacon cooking on the stove, or the dog barking to go out and do her business. Either way, it was gearing up to be a busy day for everyone in the house. My mom was busy making breakfast and getting ready for work; my dad was getting ready while drinking his freshly bold cup of coffee. He usually combined this with looking out onto the fresh cut grass from the night before, admiring his work. My brother was always busy punching me in the arm, yelling at me to hurry up and get out of the bathroom. And I would always take my sweet time as if everyone else had nowhere to be except in the presence of me. That was the last Tuesday morning that was like that. This Tuesday morning I hopped on my KX500 and after a few kicks the beastly motor roared to life. I enjoyed the sweet smell of two stroke exhaust. I tore off to school making my usual route less boring, I decided to take a short cut through the college tearing through the grass and riding up and down the stairs at McConnell auditorium. I happened to notice that there were no cars and no people around except for a few drunken people walking off the night before. Little did I know that they were not drunk… I got to school and no one was around. I thought for a second that it must be Saturday but then I remembered that it was bacon day at the house. I saw a janitor in the hallway staggering around. He came towards me and I realized he was a zombie! I ran into the Power shop and grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed him in the eye, penetrating his brain which we all know kills a zombie. Clearly there was an event that did not affect my house. I hopped on my bike and my brother is home still and my parents have not left for work. I told them to look around and after a few moments of processing,

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