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There are THREE types of Essay question: | Describe eg ‘Describe...’, 'What were...', 'How did...?' etc. | IN BRIEF – Simply write down a many facts as you can remember in a sensible order. | | BEWARE – A 'How...' essay can sometimes be asking you to describe something (ie a 'description' essay). Sometimes it wants you to explain something (ie an 'analytical' essay). Read the question carefully to decide what the examiner wants you to write about. | | 1st Facts:Get your facts straight - where you're going to start and finish the story/ have you remembered all the facts (esp dates)/ sort them into a logical order. Arrange your account in a sensible order, e.g.: Beginning - Middle - End. | | 2nd Explanation: e.g.As you tell your story, explain how one thing led to another/ identify areas of change and continuity/ detail different reactions to events/ draw links between people and events. | | 3rd Judgement:e.g.Briefly, as you tell your story, explore underlying principles/ weigh the importance of different people and events, the pace of events, or the degree of change. | | | Analyse (i.e. questions that ask you to EXPLAIN)eg ‘Why...?’ | IN BRIEF – Think of a number of points in answer to the question and PEE every paragraph. | | 1st Points: Think of 4 or 5 points which answer the question. . | | 2nd Explanation: For each point, explain how it answers the question, taking your ideas right through to the question at issue, to demonstrate how the points you are making answer the question asked. Try to think of more than one way each point does this. | | 3rd Development:'Unpack' each point, using your own factual knowledge to explore a number of different aspects of each point, and explaining how each relates to the question. Develop logical arguments (using the words such as 'so',"however",

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