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Tsotsi is a film that centers on a thug, and a baby. Tsotsi is a young thug who lives in a shantytown of Johannesburg. At the beginning of movie, he’s stabbing people for money and starts fights with homeless men in wheelchairs. He will beat his own friends to a bloody pulp if they don’t follow his instructions. Tsotsi’s life changes after he shoots a woman in a wealthy Johannesburg suburb and steals her car as well as her baby, which is in the back seat. At first, Tsotsi puts the child in a paper bag under his bed, but he tries to feed it, changes diapers, and obtain baby food at gunpoint. The baby in Tsotsi’s care slowly rekindles his scope for empathy and compassion. As Tsotsi struggles, he grows between the thug exterior and the wounded young man who is hiding behind it. It is heartwarming to watch his slow transformation from heartless to kindness. The movie is base on the novel by Athol Fugard. This film is directed and wrote by Gavin Hood. The characters in the film are Presley Chweneyagae (David/Tsotsi), Terry Pheto (Miriam), Kenneth Nkosi (Asp), Mothusi Magano (Boston), and Zenzo Ngqobe (Butcher). Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times states “I was surprise to find that it leads toward hope instead of despair.” Roger Ebert states “There are stories in the beloved country (Africa) that have cried for a century to be told.” Manohla Dargis from the New York Times states this about Tsotsi, “He’s as compact as Al Pacino’s Tony Montana and just as lethal.” He also states “Tsotsi isn’t much different from every studio cautionary tale with the unhappy past, a criminal present and an unhappier future.” I was very intrigued with this film. I wanted to see more. I wanted the happy ending with Tsotsi and Miriam together living happy ever after. This film has become one of my favorite. If I would have to compare a film to Tsotsi, it would be City

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