Tsar of Russia Essay

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Tsars of Russia During the late 19th century, Russia was governed by the Romanov Dynasty who were later known as the Tsar (Czar). They adapted the title of ‘Emperor and Autocrat of all Russia’ and enforced autocratic rule. They believed in their almighty right to rule Russia and that they were appointed by God to be it. The Tsars enforced the autocratic rule in which the Tsars had the ultimate power. Hence, The Tsars never took the use of taking help from an elected parliament to maintain the nation effectively. The way in which the Tsars ruled Russia only drew attention to the general population and made it even more unstable situation. The Russian Orthodox Church was a major supporter of Tsars. The Church had a purposely secured position in Russian life but other Russian people saw their local priests as selfish and corrupt individuals of the nation who did not live up to Biblical standards and were just faithful to the Tsar because of his power. Alexander II was born on 17th April 1818, became the sixteenth Romanov Tsar who came to the throne in 1855 after the death of his father. He was believed to be a reformist therefore he aimed to bring in various political reforms/changes in the nation because of the problems Russia was facing at the time and he had faith that by doing this it will improve the state that the nation was in. He done this by providing local councils with powers to accommodate roads, schools and health services and making education more widely available to all classes and not just upper classes. As a reformist he implemented major reforms such as: The legal system was reformed in 1864. The judiciary became an individual branch of government. The favorable law for the well-off and upper classes was replaced to the equality for all before the law. However, wealthy class were the only class that were acceptable and had the right to elect
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