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Andrea Gonzales Ms. L February 23, 2015 Part 15 126-133 Developing an introduction and a conclusion Part 15 talks about the importance that the intro and conclusion have to the body of your speech. A good opening leads the reader deeper into your writing and makes it more interesting. An effective conclusion ensures that the audience will remember the speech and react in the way he speaker intends. 1. When preparing the introduction you should think about the choices you have to start your speech because it can affect the outcome of your whole speech. In the first few sentences of your speech the audience will then decide if they are interested in the topic , believe what you are saying, and decided if they will give you there full attention. 2. Some time-honored techniques that you can use to start your speech off strong are a story, pose a question, offer unusual information, use humor, refer to the audience, and use a quotation. You can also refer to the occasion in a different way than expected. 3. A strong conclusion challenges the audience members to put to use what you have spoken about. When you the strategy of call of action, you make the audience respond to the speech. This gives you a chance to make them more involved. You should also make the conclusion more memorable then you started. Make a lasting impression. Your conclusion and your introduction are the most important parts of your speech. So by making them memorable and interesting the listeners will be better involved and actually be interested in what you are saying. By challenging the audience they will have to put what you said to

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