Trying to Survive in the New World

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Trying to Survive in the New World The Road by Cormac McCarthy is about a father and his son who are the “good guys,” and are trying to head South in a cold, gray, post apocalyptic world. They are traveling with very little means and struggling on a daily basis. The father had a house to sleep in; now in the New World he struggles to find a place to sleep every night on their journey. The father and son are constantly searching for food in every place they come across. Yet, they are trying to survive in this post-apocalyptic world with very little means. As well as, on this journey they have no car and are traveling by foot pushing a cart. In this New World they are constantly struggling on a daily basis and are relying on very little means to get to their destination. In the Old World the father had shelter; he had a house to sleep in every night without worrying about someone attacking his family. Yet, in the New World the father and son have to search for new locations to sleep and hide in so they don’t get attacked. They find dark, cold, caves and have to make fires to stay warm. However, the father and son come across the father’s old house and he remembers, “On cold winter nights when the electricity was out in a storm we would sit at the fire here, me and my sisters, doing our homework.” (McCarthy 26) In the Old World he wasn’t worrying about electricity if it went out, they would just light a fire. However, in the New World they have to camp in the mountain passes or caves and they have to be very careful where they sleep, because, they do not want to draw attention to them. Drawing attention to them could get them killed, farmed, and most likely eaten. Altogether, shelter was a lot easier in the Old World than the New World and they didn’t struggle as much. In the Old World food was very easy to come by, all you had to do was go to the

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