Trying Juveniles as Adults

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It was May of 2006, when two youth tragedies took place, in Southern Florida. On the last day of school in Palm Beach county, a 13 year old boy pulled out a .25 caliber pistol from his backpack, pointed it at his English teacher and shot him to death. Only a few weeks earlier in a neighboring county a 12 year old boy, literally body-slammed a 6 year to death. Suddenly two school-age children were charged with murder in an adult court system. And what seemed to make newspapers locally, is happening all over the US. We see it all too often making front page on papers and top stories on the news: children being tried as adults. But what newspapers and news fail to include in their stories, is the wrong and harm that is being done. I believe that trying juveniles as adults, and having them go through adult punishments is wrong. Juveniles should not be tried as adults in any circumstance. Firstly, children do not have fully developed minds, like adults do which deters their ability of problem solving and reasoning. Secondly, it is a proven fact that adult facilities are not efficient punishments and juveniles sent to these are more likely to re-offend quicker. And finally, sending juveniles to adult centers will ruin their life. Speaker number 2 stated, and I quote, “Juveniles are well aware of the actions they make and should be tried as adults for their heinous crimes.” end quote. However, this quote is not entirely accurate. My research shows that although juveniles may be aware of the actions they are making, they are not mentally capable of reasoning and making critical choices. Children are not typically ready to make choices that will effect their eternal life on earth. According to Dr. Mark Wellek, an Arizona psychiatrist and past president of the American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry, “The last areas of the brain to mature and fully develop are those
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