Try My Best, Do The Best Essay

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I, a girl who is a bit shy but very enthusiastic, have much of courage to stand here now, trying my best to be the head of the Student Council. As a girl, I can’t give others a powerful impression as a boy. But as everyone knows, my ability of work is excellent. On one hand, I have been the monitor for more than five years and I have much experience. On the other hand, I’m good at listening to the schoolmates, talking with them so that I can know what they really want, after that, I can do something truly useful for them. I’m also a lovely and kind friend. I can get on well with everyone. My friends say that they enjoy staying with me because I’m always very patient and seem to be a mind-reader. I seldom get angry because I know toleration and smile are important if you want to get more friends. Furthermore, I like badminton and swimming very much. One of the reasons why I’m so popular with my friends is that we have the common interests. If I’m able to be the head of Student Council, I won’t be a strict head. I will think about the position of the students and try my best to do something, which is really good for students, as much as possible. I will hold some activities that students have interest in it, such as basketball match, the common sense of music competition and so on. I will try my best to do it best! Make our school livelier! Make students in our school more active and happier! Vote for me! I will be your wisest and best choice! Thank

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