Truths Are Revealed to Edward Thomas in Tears

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‘Explore the ways in which truths are revealed to Thomas in Tears’ Throughout the poem ‘Tears’ many truths are revealed to Thomas and by the selection of language it can be recognized that they are harsh truths that pain Thomas especially in his depressed state. He watches the scene of the soldiers on the parade helplessly as he is haunted by the past which is highlighted when he says ‘if tears have ghosts’. The poem is nostalgic but I think serves as an inner debate for Thomas on whether to enlist or not. The first half of the poem persuades more towards not enlisting as Thomas describes the war as animalistic as he refers to the soldiers as ‘hounds’ who are ‘upon the scent’; signifying that the soldiers are simply trained like dogs who have no idea of their wrongdoings perhaps unearthing the question of the soldiers’ innocence. I think this is further emphasised when Thomas describes them as ‘Fair-haired and ruddy’ giving the reader an image of youth that is forgotten ‘since their beauty passed’ indicating that Thomas is certain the soldiers will die. Moreover Thomas speaks of the ‘hounds’ in the past tense indicating a memory which he is haunted by, denoting that he thinks memories of the war will haunt him in the same way. These concerns of war are echoed throughout the poem which demonstrates that Thomas is very much aware of the amount of soldiers who have now gone and also of the unending war. The endlessness of the war is recognized when he chooses to say that the ‘hounds’ which is a metaphor for the soldiers ‘streamed by’ as stream is a constant action, Thomas is highlighting how constant the rate the men are leaving at is; but continuing to describe them as ‘a great dragon’ suggests that the men do not know their own power and are a danger to themselves due to their innocence which was mentioned previously. The choice of the word ‘stream’ also links
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