Truth In Farenheit 9/11

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Never let the truth get in the way of a good cause. As defind by the word "truth" means ' the truth or actual state of matter, or something that conforms with fact or reality'. When we think of truth we think of the re-telling of events that actually happend or discussing ones true emotion towards a certain person, subject or issue. When viewing it in this context the true 'truth' can often be abused to twist and shape into lies, lies which tell the truth Ina different way in which it didn't happen. Truth comes in many shapes and sizes, and often is a very hard thing to get up the courage to say. 'the truth will set you free', is a quote from the bible John 8:32 iwhich gives the audience a clear indication that that from…show more content…
What if the truth would either make or break a person or situation, is it still alright no matter what to say it?. In the documentary film farenheit 9/11 Michael Moore delivers a thrilling and captovation story that wished to exposed the truth about George bush. He focuses on exposing the 43rd American president with reference to administration wrong doings and terriost attacks on the pentagon and world trade center. Michael moored intention was to pretty much get rid of bush from the political party, he was bias to getting rid of…show more content…
bush is a bad frame, but it seemed he was so out of 'wack'making this documentary that it either made those who hated bush, hate him even more, and those who like him, support him even more. All it did was increase Americans feelings no matter what. Now most of what he said was true, the location of George bush at the time of 9/11 bombings, the relationship between his family and the bin ladins, the bombings the America's preformed on iraq and Afghanistan, all of this was true but it was the context that was not shown and how it was presented that created this film. The result of this just unsettled America and created more issues that solved anything at all, many articles and reports where written in hateful emotion towards Michael Moore such as, 'Michael Moore is a big stupid fat white man' by David t.hardy and Jason Clarke and many more where that came

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