Truth and Beauty - Ann Patchett

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The bestselling novel, Truth and Beauty, written by Ann Patchett is about enduring friendship, though the relationship between Ann and Lucy in decidedly complex. Ann, a safe, caring, shy, focused, and intelligent person never saw herself being best friends with Lucy Grealy, the popular, outgoing, strong, fierce, and troubles person. Ann had accepted the fact that she was just another face; she is completely fine knowing that she is like other all the other people in the world. However, Lucy had discovered that she was different from everyone. Lucy had a story, Lucy had been through pain, Lucy had grown strong, Lucy had grown to be invincible. Lucy would take every chance she had to do what she wanted. When she taught, she taught book she had always wanted to read. When she moved to a new place she would meet as many people as possible and go out every night. Lucy was a socialite and she loved every minute of it. Lucy controlled every aspect of her life; her surgeries, her friends, her students. She seemed to be completely carefree and living life on the edge. However Lucy felt lonely and unloved and towards the end of her life had a problem with drugs. Although Lucy and Ann came from two completely different worlds their souls are the same, they both live through their words. Lucy and Ann went to high school and college together but they didn’t know each other until they were roommates while living in Iowa. During the Iowa years they became inseparable and depended on each other for love, inspiration, and friendship. Lucy and Ann came from two completely different worlds and had no clue about each others lives when they first met. A friendship revolves around unconditional love. That means accepting the other person for who they are and what they do, no questions asked. Lucy and Ann cared for each other greatly. They would spend as much time as possible together

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