The Truth About Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery. Rings a bell to most people as what big time celebrities get to look even more perfect. It’s almost unreal. It’s an unnatural thing to some, but understandable for others. Should plastic surgery be used to make people more beautiful and how far should people be allowed to go? As the search for the truth is revealed, the more ugly the truth of undergoing plastic surgery had become. The need to improve our physical appearance did not come from yesterday and one of the most common ways of doing that is to resort to plastic surgery. Living in our society now, everyone is practically judged by their own image. Girls want to have a body like Britney Spears and guys want to have a body like Brad Pitt because in the eyes of the general public, to be “beautiful” you have to look like them. Plastic Surgery is changing something about ones self that they do not like. Whether it is for bigger breasts in females or larger calves in males it can basically be associated along with the simple act of dying ones hair. It is hard growing up with something about yourself that you do not like. On covers of practically every magazine we see physically fit and beautiful male and female models. That sends the message to viewers; “This is beautiful. Look like this to fit in.” “Almost any physical problem that affects appearance can be improved with plastic surgery, but just because something is able to be done does not mean that it should be done.” (Marfuggi 4) “In a bizarre story, a woman addicted to plastic surgery has admitted to injecting cooking oil into her face in an attempt to plump it up. This woman obviously has a major case of BDD. The problem with this psychiatric condition is that most people who have it don't think they do. In medical terms, we call it "lacking insight" into their condition. This causes them to be resistant to undergoing psychiatric

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