Truth About Lying Essay

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KENNEDY-KING COLLEGE Communications Department ENGLISH 100 J Spring of 2013 Instructor: Faith C. Flournoy Email: Office: Room Y171 Office Hours: 4pm – 5:30 By Appointment Phone: 773.602.5176 Credit Hours: 3 Class Room Meeting Time 12:30-1:50 Course Description: Emphasis on individual expression in paragraph form, sentence clarity through knowledge of sentence structure and correct forms of grammar. Prerequisites: Placement test or grade of “C” or better in English 098 or consent of the department Chairperson. Students Course is Expected to Serve: English 100 addresses the needs of students who require instruction and practice in the skills of organization, paragraph and essay development, sentence structure, grammar, mechanics , and word forms. Course Objectives: At the City Colleges of Chicago, we believe that every student can become a successful writer. - Although writing is a complex process, it is also a skill that improves with continued practice and thoughtful guidance. - Gaining proficiency in this skill empowers the student in the classroom, workplace, and community. - Therefore, the primary objective of this course is to provide a challenging and supportive environment that prepares students for college writing and encourages students to succeed in accomplishing the student learning outcomes listed below. Students will write at least six short papers. These papers will be 5 paragraphs in length Measureable Student Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course, students will utilize a multi-step writing process, which includes: a. employing pre-writing strategies (i.e., outlining, concept mapping, brainstorming) for topic exploration of an essay: b. apply organizational patterns consistent with purpose and intended audience;

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