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Is there a such thing as absolute truth? Absolute truth is defined as an inflexible reality. This definition makes it difficult to see the existence of truth. However, absolute truth exist in the spiritual rather than the natural. Spiritually, truth expressess freedom. This freedom comes when one is ready to accept it. An example of absolute truth is the holy bible. This book posses all the truth one will ever need. Christians believe that lying is a sin against our Lord. The bible itself corrupts the meaning of absolute truth; being a Christian I can see that there is no exsistance of absolute truth in the natural. The natural in this circumstance is the real world. In the real world today the existance of the absolute truth is scarce. I have read several instances in which one person is not able to tell the absolute truth. One in particular, if a person was feeling real tired but had to tell their boss the opposite; this is a counter example of the absolute truth. Why could this person not say, I am tired today boss? What would have happened? We find ourselves telling little white lies, because we may be afraid of the outcome of the truth. Should our concern be what our heavenly father thinks about us telling white lies? I can honestly say I am guilty of telling white lies. I know there have been times where I was asked if I was feeling good and I said yes, knowing I was not. I could not tell the truth, because I was afraid of their reaction. At the end of the day the only person I should fear is God; even though the fear of God is within us, the absolute truth does not exist. Another factor comes into play when addressing absolute truth: our "duty" to answer a question. Next, there is the concept of “duty” which places the responsibility on the person whom answers a question that requires the truth. This “duty” says that the outcome of the situation can fall

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