Trust a Dietitian Essay

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T rust a Dietitian o know about nutrition Contents 1 Introduction Acute Care Case Studies 1 - A whole service approach to hospital food 2 - Reducing waiting times 3 - Improving the patient experience 4 - Dietitian led clinics improving the quality of service 5 - Improving access to the most appropriate professional 6 - Cost saving through non-medical prescribing 7 - Improved patient care and better outcomes through non-medical prescribing 7 Community Setting/Public Health Case Studies 8 - Multi-disciplinary working to reduce waiting times 8 Leadership Case Studies 9 - Improving care through service leadership 10 - Improving care through strategic clinical leadership 9 Research Case Studies 11 - Implementing evidence based practice 10 Dietetic Assistants 12 - Skill mixing 11 International 13 - International networks and global awareness There's a wealth of information wherever you look on the subject of diet and nutrition. In fact if you "Google" the subject on the World Wide Web you would find about 1,190,000 entries on UK sites alone. For the average person however sorting out the good information and advice from the bad, the ugly (seaweed juice) and even the down right dangerous can be a minefield. From 1924 when the first pioneering sister dietitians were identified, to the registered professionals today, dietitians have made it their business to research and audit the science and art of nutrition and dietetic practice, and turn the good evidence into real life practical safe messages - in sickness and in health and through every stage of life. T rust a Dietitian o know about nutrition Acute Care Much has changed in the way dietetics is practiced since the first dietitians were employed in our hospitals to take care of the nutritional needs of patients. Dietitians have always focused their skills on ensuring good quality

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